Thursday, September 12, 2013

Top Torikatsu: Bounty Fresh Chicken

Top Torikatsu is the newest product of Asia's best Bounty Fresh. It is the only processed chicken product in the market today made with pure 100% chicken breast fillets with filling and coated breadcrumbs.

In response to the need of young working professionals who want a filling meal but do not have the luxury of time to cook, or may not have the cooking skills of a chef, and who are looking for a delicious instant meal that fits their budget and lifestyle- Top Torikatsu is perfect for people on the go.

It only takes three minutes to get your Top Torikatsu meal ready. Plus they have other variants as well, there's the classic filling and there's cheese and chives filling.  Top Torikatsu has been available in the market since September 1 at supermarkets.

The retail price is only P179 for six pieces (450 grams weight). Six pieces can last you 3 to 6 meals, so that's abot P30 to P60 per meal.

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